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What You Should Never Do

The Guide To Completely Ruin Your Brand By Kylie Jenner

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I’ve read the Forbes article about Kylie Jenner the other day.

“Her near-billion-dollar empire consists of just seven full-time and five part-time employees”


Well, maybe that’s why her customer support sucks (you can find a bunch of bad reviews online).

Now I’m not hating on Kylie or something. I think she’s a great marketer/entertainer and obviously smart enough to leverage her status.


Odds are, she’s in a position to make Kylie Cosmetics a LEGACY type of brand.

But she’s messing up…

Why? Well it’s pretty simple:

5 Business Killers

1) She delivers a bad product-

I mean just take a look at the reviews on YouTube.

“The packaging feels cheap”. “This is feels like it was bought from Wish”.

Customers just not living for it. They’d expect a higher-quality product from a multi-million dollar celebrity like Kylie.

If you sell a product which disappoints people,  will your business really survive long-term?


2) Bad customer service-

Again. Take a quick look of the reviews across the web. Her customers, her FANS, feel like she doesn’t really care for them.

Customers can’t track their package. They have to wait too long to get it.

They can’t get a proper response via email that helps them with their issues like returns, or a getting a refund.

It just keeps on getting a frustrating customer-experience for them.


3) Not re-investing in the company

She can afford skin experts to create amazing make-up products which people will die for. She can fix her customer service and experience in a week- but she just doesn’t do that.

Slowly, 10 million fans will turn into 8 million. and then into 5 million.

And then… well as a Kardashian , she’ll probably find a way to stay relevant anyway, but it’s still a bad strategy.

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4) Thinking short term instead of long-term-

What her company would look like if she’d really think long-term?

(I really believe that for some reason, she’s just not in that mindset)

She’d probably make less money for the first couple of years- but long-term she’d be unstoppable, with a a god-like following on social media.

Fans will just keep on buying everything she’d put out.


5) She’s destroying her personal brand in the process-

Practically her personal brand is everything that she has going on for her right now.

It’s not the product which sells. It’s her personal brand.

But if people keep on getting frustrated with your product, which has your name on it, it’s only a matter of time that they will get frustrated with you also.

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