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How Karma and Luck Increased Their Revenue By 21% – By Using Creative Email-Marketing

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Karma and Luck sells Jewelry and Home Décor items since 2015.
They put a touch of spirituality with each of their uniquely-handmade products.

With a strong differentiation in the market and 13 stores in Las-Vegas, the company had was running massive paid ad campaigns, with basic email-marketing systems and strategy in place.

The Problem

Karma and Luck wanted to stay in close touch with their customers via email without being too salesy.

It was essential for them to take brand loyalty to the next level, but struggled to keep the attention they were getting through paid channels like Google or Facebook.

We also identified there’s a significant amount of lost revenue which is waiting to be captured.

The Mission

Apply a successful email-marketing strategy which increases sales and keeps customers engaged, all while preserving the brand’s message.

We started working from the ground up.

How about powerful brand loyalty and 15%-20% extra revenue?

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Exactly What We Did To Get Results

Exit-Intent Popup

First, we implemented a nice Exit-Intent Popup with a 15% off discount.
We used JustUno Popup.

BAM. Immediately we could leverage paid traffic by converting visitors to subscribers.

Sexy Email-Funnels

Next, we focused on creating automated email-funnels which made their customers (and subscribers) feel even better about the Karma and Luck brand.

Like they actually care. Because they do.

But if a brand doesn’t take the time to say it and make its customers feel that way, they just won’t know it.

Usually, your most profitable emails will be your Welcome and Cart-Abandonment sequence.


Your Welcome Sequence

A 3-5 email sequence which acknowledges your subscriber.

We give him what he opted in for (a discount for example) and leverage the opportunity to tell our brand’s story.

This can be your mission, product, origin, or anything else that set you apart.



This is where most brands lose sales the most. It isn’t enough to set 1 cart-abandonment email and hope for the best.

We always schedule between 2-4 emails. “Creative persistence”, as we like to call it, is key here.

Following up with your customers over a week or so can turn out to be very profitable.

This is also a great way to discover your business blind spot.

The last email will usually ask the visitors if something went wrong and if there’s any way we can help.

Things like failed check out pages or “out of stock” products always get found this way.

Value-Giving Newsletters

The final stage was to create a monthly schedule which will keep customers happy.

Guides, posts, contests and special sale events were now being delivered in an organized way.

While they tend to bring in less revenue than sales emails,

the great thing about value-emails is that they have a MUCH higher open-rates.

This keeps your customers engaged with your brand for long periods of time.

We can’t stress enough the importance of having great content scheduled in with as part of your newsletter.

Sending pitch emails consistently can give your brand a very one-dimensional feeling, and burn your list of subscribers quickly.

As for email software, we used the mighty Klaviyo. It’s specifically tailored for eCommerce

What Happened After Working Together

Now the brand has a lot more engagement from their customers-

which results in not only extra sales but also helps to uncover business blind spots.

Problems with specific checkout pages, site speed and shipping times are now fixed- since we were able to get direct feedback from customers.

At the end of the 2nd month, we had Email contributing to 26% of the total revenue.

Biggest Worries Karma and Luck Had
Before Working With Cart-Impact

The number one worry of the brand was keeping their message intact,
While taking to the time to understand their DNA.

We put great emphasis on understanding our clients and their objectives.

Help your customers
fall in love with your brand

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