Build a customer base of people
who're genuinely interested in your Fashion brand

Superb emails which retain customers and build loyalty

True Loyalty

Clever content which builds a strong level of rapport with your customers and turns them into fans

Email Storytelling

A whole new way to appeal to your customers and cut through the noise

Uniquely Personalized

Make your customers feel at home with personalized content. Speak to their interests, beliefs, and values

Stay on their radar without being annoying

01. Get Noticed

Stand out from companies who bombard subscribers all week with a new discount they have

02. Top Of Mind

Make sure your customers are aware of new products and sales, all while staying engaged

03. Convert & Retain

Maximize email and keep your customers buying more from you

Convert sales through email without depending on ads

33% of retail and e-commerce companies stated that email marketing is their most profitable channel, leaving behind Organic Search and Social media

Email Marketing


Organic Search


Social Media


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Proactivity Over Gibberish


We wanted to create a company which adheres excellent client work.
No ridiculous fees, restrictive contracts or only half-qualified people.

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Nathan FraterFounder, Outliers In Orbit

Jonathan backed himself and went above and beyond. In an industry filled with underachievers and over reporters,
he was a breath of fresh air.
Looking forward to our next project mate.

Gabriele DaukintyteMarketing Manager at TPI

Jonathan is an amazing guy to work with! He helped us with re-branding a regular jewelry store and get those extra sales in.


I highly recommend Jonathan.
His unique approach to brand strategy and marketing produced the results I was looking for.
I look forward to working with him again